Gold Kratom strain – an artificial strain of Kratom

Typically, the Kratom users are familiar with the three types of Kratom. These three common types are known by the color of vein present in their center. Kratom is generally divided into red vein Kratom, green vein Kratom and white vein Kratom. Most of the Kratom lovers are unfamiliar with the fourth type of Kratom. The fourth and the most enhanced type of Kratom is named as “Gold Vein Kratom”. Gold vein Kratom is believed to be the most enhanced and potent strain of Kratom.

  • Why some people are still unfamiliar with gold vein Kratom?

In the present time when Kratom has gained a lot of popularity and attention a lot of peoples are still unknown that the fourth type of Kratom also exists. The cause behind it is that red, green and white vein Kratom exists naturally. But gold vein Kratom is not naturally grow in any part of the world. Most of the Kratom users are only familiar with the naturally grow Kratom types. Red, green and white vein Kratom are most common and excessively used because individuals think that naturally grown Kratom types are most potent and enhanced. They assume that non-natural Kratom types will not be safe for our health as well as it will not have that many strong and potent effects. Most of the confusions of the Kratom users related to gold vein Kratom strain will be solved after reading this article.

  • The facts about Gold vein Kratom strain:

Gold vein Kratom is the fourth type of Kratom strain. All the three other types of Kratom exist naturally. But gold vein Kratom strain is prepared b a special process named as “Fermentation”. The process of fermentation is carried out very carefully under the strict supervision of Kratom experts. This is done to prepare Kratom which will have same effects as can be observed in naturally grow Kratom types.

  • Process of fermentation:

Fermentation is a special process by which gold vein Kratom is prepared. This process takes approximately 7 – 10 days for completion. In this process, leaves of red, green or white vein Kratom are dried completely and carefully. In many cases, experts use two types of leaves together to make gold Kratom strain. The leaves are dried in such a way that 0% moisture is left behind. Once the leaves are fully dried, they are grinded and crushed into the form of powder. The powder formed will have a touch of gold color which makes it unique and exceptional. The golden color appears because the leaves are dried for so many days that the original color of the vein is converted into yellow or golden color. This is why gold vein Kratom is also known as yellow vein Kratom. 

Most of the Kratom users assume that gold vein Kratom will not have that many strong and efficient effects as the fell after using naturally grown Kratom types. But it is actually not like that. Gold vein Kratom strain is known as the enhanced and elevated type of Kratom having more improved and better possessions. We can say that the effects of gold vein Kratom will not be that much potent. This is because potency depends upon the number of alkaloids present in Kratom. In the case of gold vein Kratom leaves are dried for so ma days that their alkaloids are affected and are faded away.