Cost of Kratom in the United States

Before purchasing Kratom, the buyer first looks at the expense of it. Unlimited vendors are selling Kratom. Some stores are costly, and ordinary customer can’t even afford a single product from it. Other vendors are quite affordable, and customer belonging to any class can provide their products.

The rate of Kratom also depends upon the area where the shop is located. The areas where Kratom is not legal, stores sell it as quite expensive rates. Kratom is inexpensive and easily accessible in the areas where the government legally approves it.

The rates of Kratom in the US are also different in different states. The sellers are selling Kratom according to the tax, accessibility and legalization of Kratom. The legal status of Kratom is not the same all over the US. In some states, it is being used as a legal drug. In other countries, Kratom is officially banned by the government.

Below mentioned are the rates of Kratom available at head shops, smoke shops and online shops of the United States:

  • Kratom rates at smoke shops:

Kratom available at the smoke shops is quite affordable, but the quality of the product is not confirmed. Smoke shops offer wide varieties of Kratom strains. The main issue is that there is no guarantee of excellence and safety. Moreover, sellers at smoke shops add some more ingredients to their products to elevate the effects. It is not confirmed that the parts they have added are safe for use or not?

  • Cost of Kratom at head shops:

Cost of Kratom at head shops is prohibitive. They charge a lot from their buyers. They are not concerned with the quality of the products. It has been reported by the customers, that the Kratom available here is of low quality or expired. One customer claims that he has purchased 30grams of plain leaf Kratom powder in capsules for $50, which is quite expensive and a low cost.

  • Price of Kratom at online stores:

There are a lot of vendors selling Kratom and its products online. Below mentioned are the most reliable and trusted vendors selling Kratom online. These vendors are trusted blindly by the customers.

  • Kratora:

Kratora is one of the most reliable and trusted vendors selling high qualities Kratom with affordable rates. The cost of 1 oz of Maeng Da is $19.99. 1 oz Green Malay costs $12.99. The cost of White Borneo Kratom powder is $11.99. The rates, as mentioned above, are quite affordable and inexpensive.

  • Happy Hippo Herbals:

Happy Hippo Herbals is another online vendor which is trusted by a lot of clients. 1 oz of Maeng Da Red costs $14. 1 oz of Bali Elite Green costs $12. Similarly, 1 oz of Indo Superwhite) costs $12. These rates are also bearable and fair.


The third vendor selling Kratom online is named as They vend 1 oz of Maeng Da for $19.99, 1 oz Green Malay for $12.99 and 1 oz Borneo White for $11.99. They are also giving a 25% discount at check out nowadays.