Securitas epay Login Guide and Information

Securitas epay has another name Talx employee portal. Using this site, you get to access your payroll data and all your records. Your data is always secure and only you can access it.

Securitas epay helps in giving administration to the human resource business department, duty, and payroll divisions. Many employees are using this platform to access all they payment information.

When you log in to the system successfully, you will get access to all your data. The information is also safe and protected and you are the only person who can access this information.

You can manage your transfer payments, documents, and employee information.

The payments over the web should be very secure. That is why Securitas epay gives you a password and username. The server is secure and you need to sign up to access the website.

How to log into securitas epay

  1. Log in to so as to access the portal
  2. There is a link that will guide you on where to log in
  3. Click on this link so as to log in
  4. The next screen has a box where you enter your social security number
  5. Click on the continue button
  6. Enter your employer number
  7. Provide the secret key of your account
  8. You are ready to log in
  9. Once you are in choose what you want to do
  10. If you want to update your menu choose the W-4 sub menu
  11. Update your contact information by adding e-mail and phone number
  12. If you choose to reset your password the information will be sent to your email, so ensure you give the right information
  13. For security purposes you have to answer some security questions
  14. There is a link where you can recover your password

For you to log in you must be employed. Your employer should also be a member of this site; otherwise, you cannot become a member of this site. Contact your employer to get a PIN and username.

Every time you log into your account you have to enter your ID and username. There are times you will be required to answer security questions. This is to make sure it is you and not an impostor.

The site is constantly improving their services to ensure that the users are 100% satisfied.

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