How To Get Free Gift Cards Without Spending Cash

If you need a present that fits any occasion, then gift cards are worth considering. With them you reduce the pain of choosing a gift and it offers the recipient that chance of choosing what he or she wants. Apart from that, they make great giveaways and prices and give the chance of using them without necessarily giving them away as gifts. That is why it is crucial for us to know the best way of getting free gift cards – and that is what we are covering in this article.

Getting free gift cards

There are a number of sites out there that offer free gifts cards – a good example being My points. Majorly these are rewards websites that offer rewards to customers through the use of gift cards. For instance, there are online stores that whenever you buy a product they offer you some pints which can be redeemed as free gift cards. That means start by searching on websites that offer free gift cards when you need some without necessarily spending your cash.

How to get free gift cards through surveys

If for instance you decide to get free gifts cards from a site like My points, then they may require you to first register as a member. Once you are a registered member, you may be required to participate in online surveys. While it is not mandatory to do the surveys, when you complete some you accumulate some points. The trick behind those points is that you will in a better position to win more gifts cards from the site without much effort.

Use Your computer to earn free gift cards

Apart from participating in the online surveys, spending some of your time in front of your laptop can enable you win some free gift cards. Here you will be required to open and read emails in order to stand a chance of getting the free gift cards without making any expenditure. Don’t you think that is a great idea given that the present state of the economy does not allow us to spend when we do not have to?

More options for getting free gift cards

Even when we have said reading the emails and doing the surveys can enable you get free gift cards, there are those who do not have enough time to just do that. When you fall into that category, there is also another option for you to earn them without spending your money. By transferring a prescription on online stores like Target, Kroger, and Wagreens you can stand a chance. If you make a number of such transfers in a year, then at the end you will be surprised to have several gift cards.


The right knowledge and patience is what is required to be better place to benefit from the many available options of obtaining free gift cards. Remember you can also do a gift card balance check whenever you desire to.